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We provide one-on-one education-placement counseling.
We develop a customized action plan for each individual student.
We are committed to every student's educational development and bright future in U.S.
We have years of specialized experience in foreign education consulting.
We work together with many top universities in the U.S. to create the best opportunities for our clients.

Preliminary Action Plan:
Our consultants assess each individual student's strengths and needs, discuss individual interests and goals, and present a customized action plan for the process of applying for admission to US educational institutions. Recommendations may include specific schools, fields of study, and geographical areas of the United States. We work with middle school, secondary school, undergraduate (college), and graduate students.
Housing and supervision
n cases where students are too young to be living on their own but will be traveling to the United States without their parents, NGISC can arrange for housing and support. We work closely with the students and their parents to find the right living situation in the United States and the right fit with a host family or custodian.
One-on-One Counseling
As soon as students are ready to begin the application process for their studies, we provide focused one-on-one counseling. Our expert consultants take the interests of each individual student into account while remaining focused on the ultimate goal of being admitted by a top-choice university. Tutoring packages for SAT, TOEFL, and other entrance exams are also available.

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