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Our three (or four)-week summer camps are designed for pre-college students (high school students beginning to consider their options for undergraduate study). We work in collaboration with top American universities to provide fun, enriching programs that introduce Chinese students to university life and American culture.
Summer camp students will work in teams with one another as well as with their American counterparts, and everyone will be given an opportunity to take a leadership role. They finish the program with a certificate of participation and more importantly a sense of growth and accomplishment. All students will write about their experiences, which is a chance to practice language skills and to become confident in expressing themselves. This is essential practice for the American college application process, and students who write outstanding essays will be invited to publish them on the NGISC website and elsewhere.
Please contact info@ngisc.com for more information.

Short Term Study    NGISC can develop customized short visits that include similar activities to those offered during summer camps, private college tours, and on-site one-on-one counseling. Please contact info@ngisc.com for more information.
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